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Charter and other information: Please read before posting
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PostPost subject: Charter and other information: Please read before posting    Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:04 pm Reply to topic Reply with quote

CCC charter and other information : Please read before posting

talkchess wrote:
I - Computer-Chess Club Charter

Important Information - Please Read Carefully

The Computer-Chess Club is a free service that has been set up by a group of individuals who became concerned with the persistent breaches of netiquette occurring on the newsgroup,, namely a very high level of off-topic posts and a very high level of personal insults and abuse.

It was felt that a group where a full range of computer chess ideas could be discussed, and, if necessary attacked, without also making personal attacks on the deliverer of the ideas, would be productive, and might well encourage various well-known figures who were no longer posting in to return to the arena of discussion without fear of insult or abuse.

Thus, the Computer-Chess Club is a moderated message board which is open to the general public (known as "members"). Its purpose is to allow the members to disseminate and exchange information as it pertains to computer chess without the distractions of personal attacks and off-topic posts.

Once a member gains access to the message board, he may read all messages and post new or response messages with the proviso that these new or response messages:

1. Are, within reason, on the topic of computer chess
2. Are not abusive in nature
3. Do not contain personal and/or libelous attacks on others
4. Are not flagrant commercial exhortations
5. Are not of questionable legal status.

A panel of moderators has the power to erase specific messages that violate the spirit of the charter of the Computer-Chess Club, and to take, if necessary, suitable sanctions against offenders.

Members of the Computer-Chess Club are solely responsible for their own posts on the CCC Message Board. The only recourse members have against any legally dubious or abusive material is to ask and assist the moderators in identifying any such material so that it may be removed swiftly.

The posts on the Computer-Chess Club message board do not necessarily agree (or disagree) with the opinions of Your Move Chess & Games, I.C.D. Corporation, or Computer Chess Reports. These companies do not control, and have no say in, what is posted or how it is posted; nor do these organizations have any say or control over policies and decisions made by the moderators.

By participating here you agree to abide by all of the conditions set forth in the registration terms and in this charter, and you waive any and all rights of litigation against the organizations listed above or the moderators of the CCC message board for any messages that may appear within or for any moderation action or policy.

You are further agreeing to abide by the decision of the moderators should a post of yours be deleted or moved. If you should lose your membership or posting privileges after due consideration of the moderators you agree not to re-enter the forum under an alias or assumed name or by using a friend's account. You also agree that the decisions of moderators are final.

Thank you, and we look forward to your contributions.

Computer-Chess Club.

TCAdmin wrote:
II - To prospective new members

New members are expected to sign up using their real name as indicated in the registration agreement, unless permission is obtained in advance from the website administrator.

Do not attach a website link to your profile unless it relates to chess or is your personal webpage.

Failure to observe these requests will void activation of your account.

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