Who will finally beat GM Ding Liren ?

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Re: Who will finally beat GM Ding Liren ?

Post by Chessqueen » Wed Nov 14, 2018 12:55 am

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Mon Nov 12, 2018 8:11 am
" but GM Tiviakov only rated 2519 on his peak"

2699 (October 2005)
I meant to write 2678 during the time 2004 to 2005 when he was having the streak, I am looking at all his games and getting an average of all the players that he played starting with the lowest rated player who was Basas Gamazo rated 2062 and the highest rated player that he played Ivanchuck 2705 during his streak of no loss in classical chess games without cunting his blitzes and rapid games. I will add them all up and divide it by 110. Then I will do the same with GM Ding Liren average of players rating.
Another thing to notice is that he mentioned that among the players Carlsen was one of them, but Carlsen in 2005 was a 14 yerars old Kid only rated 2548, not even close to what he is now or even at the age of 17 when Carlsen could had beaten him easily when Carlsen was rated 2789.

I just came with the average rating for all the 110 games that GM Tiviakov played during his streak from 2004 to 2005 without a single loss, it came to 2572 now if I subtract GM Tiviakov peak rating of 2678 for that period of time GM Tiviako was playing versus players that average 106 points lower than his peak rating. Whereas GM Ding Liren average rating for all his 100 games was 2755 minus his peak rating of 2816.9, therefore GM Ding Liren was playing versus players that average 62 points lower than him. Honestly, GM Tiviakov deserves to be recognized, since the difference within his category of players that he faced is too close, plus the extra 10 games that GM Tiviakov played without losing makes up for that slight difference. Even thought GM Tiviakov only played versus 6 times with players higher than him, but did NOT manage to beat them only drew, while GM Ding Liren played with 12 players higher than him during that period and played 35 times with them for instance against GM Carlsen 5 times, GM Caruana 5 times, GM Kramnik 4 times, GM Mamedyarov 5 times, GM So 4 times, GM Giri, 6 times, and finally GM MVL 6 times and manage nd did not loss a single game unti game 101 with MVL.

Please check all these angry Chess fans protesting against who deserve to be recognized, scroll down to the bottom of the page :

Note: My last two 2 cents is that it is too close to call, but GM Tiviakov should have never mentioned that he played versus Magnus carlsen ,since Carlsen was a 14 years old Kid with a rating of 2548 when he beat Carlsen :shock:

Sorry I mixed some of GM Tiviakov Opponent's ratings with the database of GM Ding Liren Opponent's ratings, so I recalculated it, and it came to 2476 NOT 2572 I had both databases on my right side close to each other and by mistake I sometimes took some of Ding Liren Opponent't rating and calculated with GM Tiviakov Opponen't rating. Therefore GM Tiviakov Opponent's average rating is NOT that impressive after all

Valentine44 found out on Chessbase 11/13/2018 01:28 and I am quoting

Tiviakov claim is a lie. He lost to Ivanchuk in classical chess in Torre memorial in Yucatan, mexico. His streak is somewhere around 60 games , i did not counted exactly.
He lost twice at this tournament against Ivanchuk .

In his carrier in classical chess he has lost 4, 11 draws no win and 11 draws to Ivanchuk.
In rapid /exibition he lost 1, draw 1 and no win.
He tries to tell that he lost 2 rapid in Yucatan, december 2018 while in all his carrier he lost only one.
During his streak he has some wins against 2100, 2200 :))))))))). Very funy.
And this guy comes here to tel us that it has a record superiour to Ding.

Whatever the case is GM Tiviakov rated 2678 can claim that he broke GM Tal record under the category of players under 2700, but GM Ding Liren just broke a new record for players above 2700+. GM Tal peak rating was 2705 but during his streak of no loss he never reached over 2700

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