Could this be more interesting than WWCC ?

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Could this be more interesting than WWCC ?

Post by Chessqueen » Thu Nov 22, 2018 11:37 pm

I am suggesting to have a 2nd category Chess Championship instead of Women World Chess Championship where anybody under 2700 which include women, Boys teenagers, and older retired chess players under 2700 can participate. This is necessary since in the Open World Chess Championship which you well know only men have a chance to win even if it is open due to the huge gap in rating and even if women, Boys Teenagers and elderly can participate they will NOT have a chance to qualify due to the same reason, by creating this 2nd category of under 2700 aspiring Boys teenagers and elderly also will have a shot to get some of the money and compete against these women and it would create a more exciting and competitive Chess atmosphere and more followers watching their young rising stars (Chess Players). at the same token Women chess players will also have a greater experience competing against players of their same level instead playing versus Super Stars Such as GM Hou Yifan competing versus GM Caruana, GM MVL, GM Ding Liren, GM Kramnik and Carlsen to name a few

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