What is the minimum odd that you can take to play Vs SF ?

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Re: What is the minimum odd that you can take to play Vs SF ?

Post by Michael Sherwin » Mon Jan 14, 2019 3:46 pm

Chessqueen wrote:
Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:43 pm
Very interesting! I'll take a look at those links. Well I finally got a victory. I could have won sooner but I was trying too hard to checkmate SF with queens on the board.

And I guess this ends it for me because what mattered was if I could actually do it. And now that I have there is no point for me to continue. Although it was the most fun that I have had playing chess in a while. 😊
congratulations well done Michael !
I noticed that you mentioned that trying to checkmate with the queens on the board is hard, in several games that GM Nakamura played versus Komodo on youtube I also heard him saying that trading the queens versus programs makes it much easier for him, and also trying to beat it tactically with the queens on the board it is almost impossible to beat the dragon Komodo, but by playing strategically he has a better chance specially when he is already two pawns up with odds.
It is logical that it would be that way because a knight or a bishop have very limited operations they can perform and they are not as vulnerable as the queen. A rook is far closer in importance to a bishop and a night. But the queen has multitudes more it can do and is far more vulnerable while doing what it does. Therefore an engine like K or SF that can search 40 ply deep sees all concerning the queen where a human planning the exploits of the queen can easily miss subtleties that ruin his plans.
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