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Talent is much more a given, these days.

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:12 pm
by S.Taylor
In this day and age, the young people seem to have completely overtaken the talent industry.
Talent is so much wisespread today, that it seems to be a much cheaper commodity than slightly earlier times.
Did young children, especially girls, used to have such great violin playing abilities 50 years ago, but for the few? Or is it only that now, we can see it, on youtubes etc?
Perhaps it is the Suzuki method and strict adherence to teacher qualifications in this method, and protected copyright to be qualified by suzuki certification.
Other fields too.
And chess?
This too!
Not many children or people would make chess blogs who didn't know some of the chess concepts that used to be considered quite advanced.
To be quite advanced today seems to have been reduced to like learning a language, which is an automatic thing for someone who has learned it to speak it quite well.
Chess too, but violin and other things as well, youtubes has become full of free lessons, of not-too-bad quality.
Here's one i just had sent to me. I haven't tried it much yet but it is certainly good for thinking in chess.

(many other fields of interest. Psychology too. Chucking filth on people too, as employed in very hi-tech and brazen fashion by the american dems and it's mainstream malicious fake news media [which i feel would put the nazis to shame!].

Re: Talent is much more a given, these days.

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:22 pm
by S.Taylor

Talent never used to look like that!
This, slightly older boy was 14 and had just become a GM!