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Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2007 4:51 pm
by rizzla
Hi everyone!

I just love to play chess at InstantChess. What i'd like to see there, tho, is a marble board offered to play on, i think that would be great. I really enjoy playing people from around the world. Isn't the internet wonderful? I found the settings page and it let me change the color of my board, etc. but didn't include the marble board, so i hope they include that, as i suggested to them. They have a 'lot' of features. I always wanted to play higher rated players than myself, because else, without paying for lessons, how will i learn? On InstantChess, i got to do that! It allows me to play rated or unrated, so when i'm at my best, i play rated. They even let you play only registered players or include everyone. I've learned alot there.