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Gian-Carlo Pascutto
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Re: Iphone Chess Apps

Post by Gian-Carlo Pascutto » Sat Dec 27, 2008 6:51 pm

Michel wrote:
There is no need to ask for permission to use Sjeng-Free's source code. It comes with a license (the GPL) describing exactly what you can and cannot do with it. If you redistribute something derived from it, you MUST distribute it with the COMPLETE source code.
It is not a GPL violation if they are calling Sjeng command line (leaving aside possible other legal issues with the iPhone).

Are you claiming that they are not calling Sjeng command line? If so this is a blatant GPL violation and you should report it here.
They statically link in the engine. It's 100% a blatant violation of my license.

Gian-Carlo Pascutto
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Re: Iphone Chess Apps

Post by Gian-Carlo Pascutto » Sat Dec 27, 2008 6:55 pm

pavel wrote:
I can't verify any of these but I thought I would post it here since its relevant. The pro version doesn't mention anything about sjeng engine and someone mentioned castling is not possible on the pro version; but I can't verify it since I didn't buy it.

Hope this helps.
If the person who posted that would have checked the facts, he would have noticed that they DO NOT provide the complete source code, hence the product is illegal. As I already said, they used to have a download link, and inspecting the source made this obvious to anyone. After I complained, they made you email them to get the source, and it's much harder to actually see they are pirating my software.

To make it clear: if you bought this product, DEMAND the ENTIRE source. If you have that, you can give a way the product for free. If you don't get it, contact Apple and ask your money back: you were scammed.

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Re: Iphone Chess Apps

Post by Cubeman » Sun Dec 28, 2008 3:27 am

After playing chess on the ipod-touch I find that the battery life of these devices are poor, after just a couple games of about an hour each the ipod gives warning that battery is 10% and will need charge soon.This is even with ponder off.Also other games also drain the battery.I think it is a combination of the small > low capacity battery, the screen always being on and maybe the design of the screen ( which is always electrified waiting for an imput from the users finger).
As a music player the ipod has great battery life, since I always turn the screen off after selecting the playlist and only breifly turn on again to change a setting etc.
I think I will revert back to my PPC which has better life and is easy to have a spare battery just incase.

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