Can I get some feedback on the New Junior 2010

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Can I get some feedback on the New Junior 2010

Post by bigo » Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:04 am

I remember there used to be a time when a man could get some information about newly released engines, that is before the Rybka era, these days no one bothers unless the engine packs a 3300+ punch. Very unfortunate as I'm sure there are still some left like myself that are interested in playing style, if one game is suffice to tell all the new junior puts the likes of Gambit Tiger to shame with it's hyper aggressive style, wish i could get some more games though.

Robert Flesher
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Re: Can I get some feedback on the New Junior 2010

Post by Robert Flesher » Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:24 pm

Here are my thoughts from a previous post :

" Many months ago after moving to my new house on the lake I lost my beloved Deep Junior 7.0, I was deeply disturbed. Well of course I had purchased the other versions after that , but they never had the amazing attacking style of DJ 7.0. Rebel 12 was keeping my amused, but then along comes Deep Junior 2010. Intense!

I could care less for the top engine bullshit, blah, blah, blah. Some people say they want the best analysis, this I can understand. However, I will also say that unless you are an IM or GM, many miss or don't see the truth of the position. They see the winning move in that position (with the engines help), but often lack the comprehension to apply that to their own games. Why the game was won is often a difficult task to see until you weed through all the complications/variations.

I like attacking chess. Junior in my opinion directs all its focus at this this better than any other engine, and because of this perhaps it loses some rating points. So be it, at least it does down fighting.

Here are my observations about Junior 2010 :

1) Understanding of space, and passed pawns as attackers is second to none.
2) It can open lines and get an attack in the most closed , safe looking positions. (most times in a brilliant tactical sequence)
3) It plays the bishop pair extreme well.
4) King side attack, duh......amazing
5) Initiative, again in this area I believe Junior has no equal. This is very clear when a king hunt happens. Junior is relentless! Also, Junior with a queen on the board is far more dangerous.
6) Junior always sems to find a way to complicate the position.
7) My favourite engine, no contest.
8) Chuck Norris fears Deep Junior 2010 "

However, since reading Kasparov's new book. I think I understand what makes Junior special. It understands time, this is as it is related to attacks. Kasparov said Tal understood time better than anyone. This is very interesting to me as all ideas/variations that requires execution must be perfectly timed. If not the variation will not be forced and refutation will be found. Amazing concept, something I will dwell on for some time. :wink:

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Re: Can I get some feedback on the New Junior 2010

Post by playjunior » Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:54 pm

OK, I will buy this thing I guess :)

Btw, is it as bad in endgames as previous versions?

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