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Frank Quisinsky
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Re: Congratulations to new mod team

Post by Frank Quisinsky » Sat Jul 17, 2010 1:06 pm

Hi Mariaclara,

I think its a good very good team, yes.
The last team do a good work too :-)

Yes, I am joking in bad English and noboday will understand it :-)

Nice things you do!

Swiming is also a little hobby by myself. My bike, 85.000km in the latest 10 years. Not a lot but enough.

We have a nice house and can look to the river "Mosel" from each important room. Is a bit comparable to holiday. Have a nice garden, need many time and each time a lot things are to do. I believe in Arena News-Ticker I added for some years a pic :-)

Touring / traveling, I think Lisa and I should do that ... (childrens come back yesterday from Turkey ... and we made a video week). In the latest years we aren't on tour. Only to Luxembourg ... 12km with my bike from Trier / Germany for zigaretts and coffee :-)

Need a lot of coffee if I often visit this forum :-)

My dream is Canada and Tonga. Very expensive ... I should not buy each chess program I think :-)

Have a nice day!
Only joking a little bit, would say thanks for the work you do as admin.

I like computer chess!

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