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Re: Vasik Rajlich Speaks!

Post by Rebel » Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:05 pm

bob wrote:
Rebel wrote:
Harvey Williamson wrote:
Graham Banks wrote:
Harvey Williamson wrote:Vas has not helped himself with the ridiculous answers he is giving but you still blindly defend him while claiming you are impartial.
How can I be defending him if I can't say whether the ruling is right or wrong?
All I am interested in is that what people say is not twisted and then misrepresented in an impartial manner. That's all.

I'm really disappointed in the way that several people on both sides of the argument have turned this forum and the Rybka forum into cesspools though. Not sure why either forum bothers to have moderators wen they can't be bothered moderating.
Graham you have just done exactly what you are criticising others for. You bend what happened with the panel to go with the 'Ed' agenda you then interprate what Vas said to Jeremy again in a way that suites the 'Ed' side of the story.

For a long time this whole debate is no longer about truth-finding but about WINNING, keeping positions, stick to it and throwing mud without offering real content, your above words being the latest example of that.

Here is the pattern I noticed, my pages are online now for a couple of months, it offers a technical refutation on programmer level and as you can see from the added counters these are well visited.

What I expected did not happen, a point to point refutation of what is offered over there as an alternative view.

What I received from the ICGA in email is basically saying the web-page is CRAP this a couple of hours after I announced the web-page release to them, later publicly repeated by Harvey and Bob. No intellectual content, just crap being the best possible description. With permission from Bob and Mark Lefler I am happy to show those short email correspondences.

But more important, surely you can argue about the contents over there, this is a complicated case, but I don't write crap, that's for sure. And the silence simply is deafening. And I don't believe for one moment people like Zach and Mark W. feel so sorry for me they out of pity have decided to spare me.

Now, I have seen statements by Bob like, "we have been playing with the idea to refute your web-page point by point".

On this I would like to say:

Sometimes you get what you ask for, and then wish you hadn't asked in the first place. I'll make this happen soon. It is not exactly hard work.

And don't forget your promise : ... #pid391217

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Re: Vasik Rajlich Speaks!

Post by Laskos » Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:02 pm

Sean Evans wrote: ... ?tid=23957

By Vasik Rajlich Date 2012-01-08 15:08

I want to give a really big thanks to Ed Schroder, Soren Riis, Chris Whittington, Nelson Hernandez, Nick Carlin, Jeroen Noomen and Alan Sassler for their superb efforts in defending me against the accusations that I have broken ICGA tournament rules. Soren did a great job detailing the shenanigans pulled during the ICGA's investigation, from stacking the jury to premature public accusations to a comprehensive fabrication of evidence.

I also appreciate the tenacity of Chris Whittington and especially Ed Schroder in digging through the mountains of documents and answering them point by point.

Finally, I greatly appreciate the support that I have received from countless others. This support has been touching and uplifting and I really appreciate it. Thanks guys!

In other news, I'm working on Rybka. Rybka 5 will be ready sometime this year and the remote Rybka renting will be launched sometime after that. We'll make announcements on our web site and in our forum when we have more information. It should be a fun year.

Best wishes to everyone for a great 2012!

Vas spoke again, like he did 5 years ago (really, he should speak only about poker):
By Harvey Williamson Date 2012-01-11 17:44
Do you still think Strelka was a clone (or derivative) of Rybka?

By Vasik Rajlich Date 2012-01-11 18:36


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Re: Vasik Rajlich Speaks!

Post by Damir » Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:25 am

mclane wrote:he translated fruit into a bitboard engine, like crafty is.
he also had the help of larry kaufmann. but larry kaufmann is now working with don dailey again.

crafty had ~2400+, fruit was 2800+.

i guess larrys help made also some 50 or 80 elo.

and there you have the rybka "wonder".
In the years that followed, Rybka continued to improve and remained a long way ahead of its competitors,
yes. the others did not copy fruit. they had own programs weaker than fruit.
if the others would have given up their own programs, they could have made the same "wonder". but then they would have been the same cloner.

derek, do YOU buy rybka5. i will boycott the product.

rajlich a talent ??
how ?
his first program was a crafty clone, weaker then crafty, arround 2000 elo ! did you ever replayed the games ? where is the TALENT ?

it changed when fruit was open source and he used the stuff to
mix the programs.

when a politician writes a work by his own, gets a doctor title, and later the people in the internet find out that this work is copy+paste from many sources, NOT original by this politician, the university takes away the doctor title and the guy can resign from beeing a politician because he has shown that he is a LIAR.
thats what happened in germany with our minister of defence Guttenberg. he betrayed. was also did this kind of copy+paste and it is only logical that ICGA took away the titles and banned him life time.

Don't worry about Gutenberg, he will be back, this time as the new Führer of Germany, following in Adolf footsteps. Within a year or two, he will replace Angela Merkel.

PS: I am surprised you are not fond of this guy, because majority of the German people, say like 70 % want his return... Besides there wasn't any proof he cheated, he simply resigned on his own, because he didn't want his name dragged through the mud.

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