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Sedat Canbaz
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Re: Houdini 3

Post by Sedat Canbaz » Sun Apr 08, 2012 2:02 pm

Rebel wrote:
Sedat Canbaz wrote: [Just i'd like to add:one of the biggest mistakes is that we noticed Rybka is disqualified and banned

This is a really big injustice over Vasik Rajlich

For example,if i follow the rules of ICGA/WCCC,then i should cancel and stop organizing SCCT Book Tournaments
And its not so hard to find the answer:simply,because all opening books are made automatically by importing (coping) games

Can anybody inform me please:
-Which opening book is made 100 % by own ideas ?!

Btw,since 2012,SCCT's new rules:
•Some engines which are debated to be close derivatives of others are allowed for testing
*Due to mostly of the engines are each other relative (its hard to find 100 % original work)

Best Regards,
Hi Sedat,

There is a good tool available to help you decide which engines to use or not. See the study of Adam Hair at: http://www.top-5000.nl/clone.htm

It's not 100% waterproof but it detects obvious clones on the spot. As a general rule: above 60% not an original work, 55-59% (the grey area, being tolerant), below 55% relative safe, below 50% original.

Good luck with your tournaments.
Dear Ed,

Thanks for the useful info...

This is too complicated issue,but however i think we can't call clones for those engines which are stronger than the the original ones

This is really pity (wasting of time),when we are testing some debated engines,where we can't see no any Elo significant difference

Best Wishes,

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Re: Houdini 3

Post by fern » Sun Apr 08, 2012 3:54 pm

Will come with its own GUI?


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