David K: did you write CM3000 code? Great discussion here...

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Steve B
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Re: David K: did you write CM3000 code? Great discussion her

Post by Steve B » Sun Apr 29, 2012 4:38 pm

karger wrote:Here is the Chessmaster 3000 programming team - Programming Team:
Dan Baumbach, David Cobb, Michael E. Duffy, Rick W. Glenn, David K. Goodman,, Andrew Iverson, Donald W. Laabs, Mahshid Mortazie, Craig Weisenfluh
I have installed my old CD for Chessmaster 3000 it runs on Virtual PC
in the credits the progmmming team is a bit different:
Henrik Markarian(who i mentioned in an ealier post)
Dan Baumbach, David Cobb, Michael E. Duffy
Rick W. Glenn
Craig Weisenfluh
David P. Grenewetzki

no mention of..
Mahshid Mortazie
David K. Goodman,, Andrew Iverson, Donald W. Laabs

i have been able to get CM 3000 and CM 5000 to work in Win 7 Virtual PC

but not:
CM 4000
CM 4000 Turbo
CM 5500
CM 5500 Deluxe

CM Redux Regards

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Re: David K: did you write CM3000 code? Great discussion her

Post by Uri » Fri May 04, 2012 10:46 pm

Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition: The Art of Learning is still a chess program definitely worth having.

Although the latest version of the King chess engine is quite weak compared to Houdini 2.0C Pro, the King engine can still pass Grandmaster (2550 FIDE Elo) playing strength I think.

But the engine is not only what makes Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition a great chess teaching program. The instructional chapters and excercises in the Academy room is what makes this program so great in my opinion.

International Master Josh Waitskin and GM Larry Christiansen did a pretty good job in explaining chess strategy, the importance of piece mobility (since Chess is limited to only 64 squares, the player who controls the greatest number of squares especially in the enemy territory has the upper hand), the rule of the two weaknesses and the pawn structure and how to play the endgame correctly.

In additon Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition explains why the bishop pair is a powerful strategical combination and how bishops love open games while knights love closed games because knights can jump over pieces.

My chess rating increased by 600 or 700 Elo points after working with Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition.


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