[OT] CTF elections

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Re: [OT] CTF elections

Post by fern » Fri Apr 04, 2014 11:31 pm

Thar was a great history, but, what is not coming from Borges hands?
I specially like his collection "Historia Universal de la Infamia".
But in fact everything from him -exception made poetry- likes me very much.
An ancestor of Borges in his way of writing is french writer Marcel Schwob....


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Re: [OT] CTF elections

Post by Christopher Conkie » Sat Apr 05, 2014 5:22 am

bob wrote:
Sam Hull wrote:
michiguel wrote: I judge it perfectly on topic of the forum.
It is going to drop to the second page if we restricted the posts to the teams. Later, other people than the team responded, and since most were against DS, I did not want to remove them to keep some balance. Read my original intention.
If you judge it "perfectly on-topic" why would you restrict who can post in it? Your judgment ignores the presence of the moderation philosophy thread in CTF which was stickied there for a week and a half. It is hardly your job to decide how important any given topic is and predetermine its positioning on the page. You arbitrarily skylined this at the top of CCC and it doesn't even belong here.
michiguel wrote:News on the election process belong here. That was my call, and supported later by the team. You have to respect team decisions, which is also in the charter.
I respected your call and did not complain or ask for removal of this thread. I stated that its unprecedented and discourteous presence here accounts for my responses in it. You chose to argue the validity of that opinion.
michiguel wrote:I do not see any blatant attack has been highlighted by me. And it is not up to me to judge the policies of candidate teams.
Making a sticky out of a campaign attack ad highlights it, which is all the more ironic after your team made the removal of off-topic material one of the planks of your policy. When Fern suggested that there be more flexibility for off-topic posts he was vilified for it here.
michiguel wrote: I open a thread about it in the moderator forum.
You presented it as a fait accompli in the mod forum and I responded there first (does "Et tu, Brute" need amplification?). You invited us to respond in this thread and I have done so. You're the one who decided to feature this whole issue in CCC as a public debate, not me. This sort of thing is what CTF was created for in the first place.

All I can say is this. When I first saw "this":

Sticky: [OT] CTF elections I was forced to scratch my head. Seems like a direct contradiction of terms. sticky AND off topic? I think this is just another example of where NO moderator action would have been better. One could remove the thread, lock the thread, or sticky the thread. The last option seems to make the least sense.

I entirely agree Bob. If this is some veiled attempt (well it is lets be honest) to gain votes then it has backfired. The CCC is a computer Chess forum not a place to vent feeling that is actually what the CTF was created for.

Those who come here in the CCC to spit out their dummy should realise that they are in the wrong place. My suggestion to Daniel would be to take his politics into the appropriate place and to leave computer chess people to do just that......computer chess.

We are waiting for him and the not so gallant Thorsten there in the hope that we can find them something interesting to do......maybe even therapeutic and thereby cure them.

I always fancied being a doctor......better get my chisel out ready for their arrival..




PS Miguel I apologise for Daniels presence here on his behalf. He is not capable of such empathy. Occasionally one gets out you know how it is. We do try our best to keep them "contained" in the right place. Voting for Daniel in the CTF is like being a turkey who is voting for Christmas you see........


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