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Re: Komodo 8 for Android is a MONSTER!

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 11:31 am
by Aosvo
Ferdy wrote:
Aosvo wrote:
mjlef wrote:Sven,

Multi-PV requires effectively as many searches as the lines you wish to use, and to get an accurate score, wider windows, so it just takes longer.

Yes, if you go from one line to two lines, it should take twice as long time to analyze to a certain depth for each line, but the nps count should be stable.

But this is certainly like a bug, because when I go from one to two lines, it takes about five times longer to analyze to a certain depth for each line, and the nps count initially goes down, which should be stable.

If anyone has the chessbase app and tests Komodo 8 with multi-pv, and has the same problem that I have, you would probably know what I meen.

I have tested Komodo 8 with multi-PV in other apps, (droidfish and analyze this), and this problem doesn´t occur there.
In my phone, when running chessbase online with komodo 8 on multipv 2, the gui displayed depth 4 very fast, then some seconds later the depth jumps to 8, 9 or 10. Later depths are displayed like 11 then 12 then comes back to 11 again then 13 then 12 again - confusing, this is run in komodo at core 1. Clearly a problem with the CB gui. Never happened in pgn master.
I have exactly the same problem in chessbase.

Re: Komodo 8 for Android is a MONSTER!

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 9:09 pm
by mjlef
A single PV search is very different from a multi-PV search. Single PV searches use very narrow windows which greatly speeds up the search (both node rate and time to depth). In multi-PV node, the window is widened to get accurate scores, so each search takes longer. It is like each of the N PVs you want t see has to get its own search, and it just takes a lot longer. It is not a bug in Komodo. It is just how the search works. I do not have access to the Chessbase Online app though, so I cannot tell you what it does. Since many Apps do not give you access to all the Komodo parameters you might want to set them in the Komodo 8 Android App before starting the GUI, just to make sure things like the number of threads is properly set.

Re: Komodo 8 for Android is a MONSTER!

Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 6:11 pm
by Laskos
Just tried a direct match on my Tab 4, 4 cores to about 600,000 nps for Stockfish 5. GUI "Chess for Android", couldn't find the time control, I am a novice in this GUI, from the games I saw, some 1s/move.

Stockfish 5 versus Komodo 8

67.5:32.5 on 4 cores.

So, SF still seems superior. Probably Komodo on 32 bits loses in strength compared to 64 bits more than SF.