What do you think the value of the Queen should be ?

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Re: What do you think the value of the Queen should be ?

Post by George » Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:39 pm

lkaufman wrote:
George wrote:
lkaufman wrote:The elo gap between Carlsen and Nakamura is 67 at classic chess tc and 55 at Rapid, so about 60 at our time control of 45 + 15. Since we won the match from Nakamura, I would say the same handicaps are appropriate for Carlsen, although he might have nearly equal chances. At 90' + 30" he would be favored, the f7 handicap and perhaps the Exchange might be a bit much.
I also have met players in Capablanca club in NY that their elo difference is over 100 rating points, but the lower rated player has more experience playing versus computer and does better than the higher rated player. :?
Probably Nakamura has more experience playing against computers than Carlsen does, but what really counts is frequency of making serious errors. I don't have any info to compare top players that way.
Here is a good example GM Wesley So is rated much lower than GM Carlsen because the frequency of serious errors by Carlsen is less than any other chess players, but Carlsen has less experience playing Vs Computers. I would bet that Carlsen would NOT score as high as GM Nakamura Vs computers and probably would be a la par with GM Wesley who played 3 games with a knight odd loss the first two games and drew the last game according to this video. The more game a GM plays with the same same position the better he gets against the Engine, notice how in the 3rd game he drew, also with twice the time control he would do much better than the engine and so on .....

PS: It would be interesting if any Tournament director decide to organize a tournament of the top 5 or 7 GM and include Komodo, giving odds as the 6th or 8th player and the general score of the GMs to include wins, Draws, or lost games Vs Komodo to determine the winner. Now the computer can Not win, it would only be there to make it harder and apply pressure to the GMs :-)

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