Official Release of Ethereal 10.55

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Re: Official Release of Ethereal 10.55

Post by CMCanavessi » Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:39 pm

It's nice to have Ethereal back, but it sucks to have lost KM.
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Re: Official Release of Ethereal 10.55

Post by AndrewGrant » Tue Jul 17, 2018 9:00 pm

AndrewGrant wrote:
Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:55 am
yanquis1972 wrote:
Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:52 am
wait, that happened in the last hour?? what do you have to do to get banned from TCEC???
Let us not make this thread about TCEC. If you want information, send me a private message.

This applies to all here, thank you.
I am happy to announce that Ethereal and I will in fact be apart of Season 13 of TCEC!

I would like to thank those involved for this swift resolution, as well as the opportunity to showcase Ethereal in front of everyone once again.

The competition and exposure from TCEC has been a great catalyst for improvement in Ethereal.

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