New release Pedone 1.8

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Re: New release Pedone 1.8

Post by Fuddur » Thu Aug 02, 2018 5:00 am

As, Pedone has been updated and gain a elo +50 by author and a great things is that it is available for android platform, so I was very curious to know that how will pedone perform against Ethereal, xiphos and with others too.
Hence, I made a tournament on "chess for android" GUI, just for fun and I saw that Pedone is far behind Ethereal, so I stopped the tournament, while I take a screenshot when the game was going to reach 200.

Here, I want to say that there are many android users and they enjoy engines tournament on their android device but it is very sad that not all chess engines are available for android device while every chess engine author's must have to made their chess for android too,as they release for window, Mac and etc. As there are few chess author who made their chess for android as, ct800,demolito, Ethereal, Pedone,Komodo, critter,texel, but there are very few number of people who made chess for android platform. It is very sad.

So, I want that every chess authors when they will release their new updated version of chess engine then they must have to release a android binary, so that android users can use their engine and enjoy their playing and attacking style.

Here is the screen shot.


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Re: New release Pedone 1.8

Post by Rubinus » Thu Aug 02, 2018 7:45 am

:D It's free? Yes. Do not look for a donated horse for your teeth - a Czech proverb.

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