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A0 - SF, Game 3 of 110 after 15...Qd7, 18.01.2018

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:37 am
by TommyTC

After 15.a4, SF played 15...Qd7? and is lost!

A0 played 16.Bc3 and won a great positional game, but check out this variation:

16.0-0-0! Rfe8 17.Nxf7! Bf8 18.Ng5 Rxe2 19.Rhe1 Rxe1 20.Bh3!! Rxd1+ 21.Kxd1 Qxh3 22.Nxh3 Bxd5. I have not been able to find an improvement for Black.

Here SF10 evaluates this position about +2.80.