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Re: Chess for Android and Electronic ChessBoards

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:23 pm
by abik
Although the Certabo electronic boards are mainly intended for chess, the flexibility of the identifying chips makes them suitable for 8x8 checkers as well (draughts, or American checkers, with slightly different rules from e.g. 10x10 international checkers). Therefore, I am planning to add support for Certabo boards in Checkers for Android as well. The 34 identifying chips can be used for the 24 regular pieces and 10 kings for promotion (using special purpose pieces avoids stacking the regular pieces). A 3D printed set can be used for this purpose (a continued hat-tip to my brother-in-law Gerard Harbers for making all the chess and checkers sets for me!).

The general idea is illustrated with this picture. Although not chess, please let me know if you like this upcoming support!