Exchanging repertoires, and best ways to create repertoires for over the board games

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Exchanging repertoires, and best ways to create repertoires for over the board games

Post by Jonathan003 » Sat May 11, 2019 6:16 pm

Has someone ideas how I can split a big repertoire file to small parts, (maybe max 40 games for one part). And give logical names?

I do it this way. I open the big repertoire file with Hiarcs Chess Explorer, I go to players. Then I can see what openings are played. I export the games and create new databases with the opening names. The problem is that for exemple with the repertoire database from the white games of Anand. There are still more than a 1000 of games for the opening: Sicilian Defence, Scheveningen (B80-B85), only. I changed the results to drawn games and created bin books. So I want to further divide the games. 
What I do is open the pgn database Sicilian Defence, Scheveningen (B80-B85).pgn in chessbase 15, I convert to cbh, and create a search booster.
Than I go to players, and choose to prepare against black for the opponent of Anand, (I created fictive names to make this work).
That way I can further divide the more than 1000 games in a logical way.
I call it Part__001_, Par__002__, ect...
Finally if the pgn files are still to big I use gameSplit included in 40H-PGN-20181110 utilities.
I divide the pgn files further so the have a max size of 15 kB, so I have small pgn files I can easy study with chesstempo opening trainer beta.
Dos anyone have any ideas how I can achief this in a more convenient way?

If you want to know how I create repertoires send me a private message.

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