Interesting results in Sufi champions bonus match!

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Interesting results in Sufi champions bonus match!

Post by M ANSARI » Mon Jun 10, 2019 2:14 pm

I was checking the TCEC website and they had a bonus match where they put all the winners of previous Sufis against each other. Was interesting that top engines at the moment were the SF previous winners of Sufi 11,12,13,14 where in places 1 to 4. SF that won in Sufi 13 and Sufi 14 actually has zero losses after more than 40 games. Lc0 which totally crushed the SF that is even stronger than any of the SF versions in the top 4 is in 5th place after 40 games! It is interesting as it seems the Lc0 weaknesses can hurt against even much lower rated engines, but fortunately for Lc0 these weaknesses and one move blunders are getting rarer by the day. But Lc0 can still play a losing move or drawing move against much weaker opponents. Impressive how the top SF engines are following expected rating and shows linear progress with each SF version.

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