Scid vs. PC - EPD Export feature

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Scid vs. PC - EPD Export feature

Post by stevenaaus » Sat Jun 29, 2019 3:41 am

I have coded a little EPD export feature which might be useful to Linux/Talkchess gurus

Tools->ExportFilter->ExportEPD (Sorry, but it's only in SVN at the moment)
This feature runs through the filter, and exports select games to a basic EPD file. Only games with non-standard start positions, or those that load into ply (for example, after a material search, or after Search->Filter to last move), will be saved. Note - subsequent loading of this file may show fewer positions than (non-standard) games, as EPD files discard duplicate positions.
HGM - i gave an old xboard a test and (like SCID vs PC), it does not honour the EPD hmvc and fmvn values
to set the FEN accordingly when the line is loaded. It's not going to make much diff supporting this though i guess. ... escription
One EPD string or record consists of one text line of variable length composed of four fields separated by a space character followed by zero or more operations. The four data fields, which describe the position, are common with the FEN-Specification, while the halfmove clock and full move counter, obligatory in Forsyth-Edwards Notation are replaced by optional hmvc and fmvn operations, and 0, 1 are their default values
Cheers, Steve

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