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macOS sources...

Post by MikeB » Fri Jul 05, 2019 6:07 am

Made an effort last night to track down some sources and make some binaries for macOS. For the macOS , it is probably best if folks build their own since it's not possible to build static binaries. With that said, if you get stuck, I will try to help out.

So on Github (, have added the following (or refreshed) sources for:

nemorino #T23 on CCRL 40/40
Rodent_III (refreshed) #37 on CCRL 40/40
Protector #28 on CCRL 40/40
Laser #T9 on CCRL 40/40
Ethereal #6 on CCRL 40/40
xiphos #5 on CCRL 40/40
Minic (refreshed) #T126 on CCRL 40/40

It's really cool to see Xiphos, Ethereal and Laser making some nice Elo gains here.

All of these can be compilied for the macOS using the sources above.

I also added Arasan (#21 CCRL 40/40) , but Jon does an excellent job on getting those out for macOS users. I did tweak the makefile to pickup an extra 10% in nps on my system , ymmv.

I hope I can get a refreshed copy of Andscacs (#11 on CCRL 40/40) source, since the current version is quite a bit stronger than the last version released on the macOS.

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