237 Mn/s for Stockfish on an 2xEPYC 7742

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Re: 237 Mn/s for Stockfish on an 2xEPYC 7742

Post by dragontamer5788 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:54 pm

zullil wrote:
Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:19 pm
dragontamer5788 wrote:
Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:14 pm
Or are all of the cores unnecessarily searching nodes because they don't have any idea of what to actually do?
Nice description of "Lazy SMP". :evil:
Well... the description unfortunately applies to ABDADA and YBWC as well. Which is why all of my chess work is entirely focused on trying to discover a work-efficient search methodology.

I hoped that my current methodology would be 100% work efficient, but alas... a fully work efficient methodology would have limited parallelism (average case speedup of fractions of a percent), and require an exponential amount of RAM to store the huge amount of parallel processing (roughly O(ply^(depth/2)) storage costs). Needless to say, that's unworkable as ply-searched grows. Again, MY method has this problem, maybe someone else's future discovery can figure out a way around these problems.

Still, I think I've discovered something that is more work efficient than current methodologies. So I'm willing to code it up and test it. I think I've come up with a better speculative execution heuristic than YBWC or ABDADA.

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