Fairy-Stockfish 10.3 released

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Fabian Fichter
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Fairy-Stockfish 10.4 released

Post by Fabian Fichter » Tue Nov 19, 2019 12:33 pm

Although the last release was only one month ago, I decided to make a new release due to two major new features, namely Xiangqi and CECP/XBoard protocol support. Fairy-Stockfish can now be used without UCI2WB adapter in WinBoard/XBoard.

https://github.com/ianfab/Fairy-Stockfi ... ry_sf_10_4

Release notes:

  • Variants
    • Xiangqi
    • Manchu
    • Minixiangqi
    • Centaur
    • New Zealand
  • Protocols
    • CECP/XBoard
    • UCCI
  • Piece types
    • Soldier, Horse, Elephant, Banner
    • Rookni, Kniroo
    • Centaur
  • Improved XBoard/WinBoard compatibility
  • Playing strength improvements for drop variants and hoppelpoppel
  • Improved output of board representaton with `d` command in CLI
  • Reduced memory consumption (of continuation history)
  • Merged recent changes from official Stockfish
  • Fixed illegal moves in displayed principal variation
  • Fixed move generation for shako

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