Javascript Chess Engines (JUCI.exe)

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Javascript Chess Engines (JUCI.exe)

Post by supersharp77 » Tue Jan 28, 2020 10:11 pm

JUCI.exe program for assistance in running jscript (javascript) chess engines

An interface for javascript chess engines to the UCI (universal chess interface) protocol. This allows javascript chess engines to be launched in most chess guis.

The progam is based on the Google V8 Javascript Engine.

This program expects the path to the .js file of the engine in the first parameter.

A wrapper for the open source Javascript Engine p4wn by Douglas Bagnall is provided as an example.

A successful and very complete implementation is the Javascript Chess Engine Lozza by Colin Jenkins. The webpage also includes a simple step-by-step guide setting up jsuci with Lozza.

You may also want to try connecting this javascript translation of the chess engine Stockfish 5 to jsuci:

Project Activity


5 years ago
Released /jsuci 1.2.rar
6 years ago
Released /jsuci 1.1.rar
6 years ago
Released /jsuci 1.rar ... ess-engine

npm test
To generate a Windows binary executable using nexe, run:

npm run build-windows
This requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 to be installed. It will generate ceruleanjs.exe and book.bok in dist.

To generate a web build, run:

npm run build-web
This will generate a babelify’d ES5 version of CeruleanJS that is compatible with most modern day web browsers that support Web Workers. This build is used in the CeruleanJS Player.

CeruleanJS supports the XBoard/winboard/CECP format for communicating with interfaces or other chess engines. It’s also usable directly through STDIN/OUT. Here’s the list of commands:

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