Houdini Bench on Threadripper 3970x

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Houdini Bench on Threadripper 3970x

Post by MikeB » Tue Feb 11, 2020 2:18 pm

Using the SF bench positions:
bench 2024 64 26 ( no
large pages enabled

Code: Select all

Houdini 6 Pro x64-popc
(c) 2017 Robert Houdart

info string Licensed to mike@xxxxxx
info string NUMA configuration with 2 nodes, offset 0
info string NUMA node 0 in group 0 processor mask ffffffffffffffff
info string 32 cores with 64 logical processors detected
info string 1 thread used
info string 128 MB Large Page Hash
set hash 2048
info string 2048 MB Large Page Hash
bench 2048 64 20
info string 64 threads used
Total time (ms) : 118482
Nodes searched  : 22855608148
Nodes/second    : 192903000
That surprised me...Robert appears to have large pages working better than anyone else...

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