Database with all chess games results question

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Uri Blass
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Database with all chess games results question

Post by Uri Blass » Thu Feb 13, 2020 5:16 am

There are many games that people use for rating when part of them are for fide rating part of them for national rating maybe with slightly different rules(for example uscf rating) and part of them for online chess rating in the internet and part of them for engine-engine rating.

I wonder if it is possible to have one database of results for all games when the idea is that everybody can use the data to calculate rating(of course you can decide what data to trust for calculating rating and what data not to trust).

It seems that the URS chess rating is using all results of fide

There are 2 problems:
1)I do not know how they got them and if I can download the results of fide
2)I do not see data about the number of games that are used to calculate the URS rating(I guess today it is only games that I can find the results of them in the fide site but I am not sure about it).

Note that I dislike the URS rating because it seems not consider important data about the age of the players for a better estimate.

For example I found that the Adi Kershover has exactly one game that she won based on game statistics ... nt=2851865

Note that the opponent has also exactly one game that she lost based on the fide database.
Both players have more games in the israeli chess database but the URS database does not know about them.

It seems that the URS rating of both players is too high and I guess that they assume too high level for new player born in 2012 because they do not use the birth year to get a better estimate for rating.

Note that it is better to have not only results of games that fide have but also results of games that are not recognized by fide but recognized
by other organizations because I think that a database with more results can be used to define a better estimate for the rating of the players
and there are tournament when players from different countries play between them when both of them do not have fide rating or having misleading fide rating in the low level.

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