Houdini 6 and Syzygy

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Houdini 6 and Syzygy

Post by MOBMAT » Thu Feb 13, 2020 6:17 pm

I found a few positions that Houdini 6 can't solve when Syzygy tables are enabled.
Conditions are H6 Pro, 16384Mb hash, 4 threads, Tactical mode (makes no difference), Syzygy on, Nalimov (on or off)
Syzygy Probe Depth 20 (default)

I verified the checksums of the Syzygy files.

This is a mate in 10, but H6 maxes out depth 99 and says M11.

If I disable Syzygy, and try it without any EGTB or with just Nalimov enabled, it finds it easily.

Here is another, a mate in 9. H6 reports a Syzygy winning score (+148.96), but never resolves the mate.

Any ideas what is happening here?
Vince S
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