How to make Polyglot/Bin books using Lucas Chess Step By Step

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How to make Polyglot/Bin books using Lucas Chess Step By Step

Post by PabloVollmar » Sun May 10, 2020 7:02 pm

How to make Polyglot/Bin books using Lucas Chess Step By sTEP

I recommend 2 or 3 programs and this is one of them.

to make strong books we need.

-A good program to make polyglot or Bin books
-To know About chess to tune a book properly, Openings, Variants, etc. Sometimes the engine says one thing but you think that that is not the correct analysis.

For example, French defense, caro kahn defense, Pirc defense, Dutch defense, or Scandinavian defense could be a bad election if you want to make a strong polyglot book when playing as black.

-Choose a good engine to analyze positions ( Stockfish 11 or barinfish the newest version are for me the best ones)

So in this Tutorial, I will make polyglot books with Lucas chess.

First, If we want to create strong polyglot books we need:

- very good databases - Computer games but not computer engine games, computer tournaments with opening books. CTG or Bin.
- Human games, especially Grand Master games over 2650 Elo Fide.
with 50.000 games we can make a strong book to participate in tournaments or in computer vs computer games like playchess, infinitichess or flyordie engine rooms.
You can have a database of 1.000.000 games and have a weak book, here the quality is more important than the quantity.

First, let's see the final result and the variants.

The book tuned to move E4, D4, C4


after E4 The best response is E5 or C5 Sicilian Defense for opening computer games


For opening computer games After d4 The best response nowadays is NF6 and D5 is considered old fashion but It can be followed by the same moves like NF6 it depends on how the white moves. So it can be added.


After C4 E5 is the most used opening but NF6 is becoming more and more used the last 2 years.



1) We open Lucas chess.


2) go to tools


3) PGN Viewer and Read PGN


4) we need to choose the PGN Database, this is the most important part. YOU NEED A VERY COMPETITIVE DATABASE. a mix of computer opening books tournaments and grandmaster games over 2650 or 2700 ELO FIDE (The elite of chess in the world) would be the best


5) It could take some minutes until the database is loaded to Lucas chess program.


6) go to utilities and make a polyglot book.


7) Choose the name of your book and where It will be saved.


Then Max Ply
Minimum games

In my case I always use may plys from 140 to 200.

if you choose 140 it means that depth will be of 70, so the book will be made until move 69, after that the engine will take its place.

If you put a max ply of 60, book depth will be 30 , so it means the book will stop working in the move 29, it will be a weaker book than a book of 70, 80, 90 or 100 of depth.

What's the difference between book depth 30 or book depth 100.

the same book will have a size of 30 Mb and the other book will have a size of 100 Mb. the first one will be faster to tune than the second one but the final result will be a weaker book than the other.because all the positions after move 29 will be deleted from the book.

the same happens with minimum games if you put 5 the book will be smaller than 1 game.


then you have to click white to make a book for white.

the same happens with black

and then you join or merge those books in one bigger.

uniform distribution, try not to click this option or your book will be very weak.

Once you have the book created, you need to go to the next level that is how to tune a book properly and it will be the last step. for the next step, you need to know about chess and a program called SCID.

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Re: How to make Polyglot/Bin books using Lucas Chess Step By Step

Post by hgm » Sun May 10, 2020 9:47 pm

I am curious: How many games per second can LucasChess load?

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