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Re: Complete engine configuration

Post by hgm » Sat Jul 04, 2020 8:58 am

If they are too stupid to find engine settings like MultiPV in a dialog called 'Engine Settings', at the same time complaining the option is not in a dialog for the engine settings... Yes, then they are beyond hope, and there is nothing I can do for them. I am not going to plaster a spin control for MultiPV in the middle of the board just to make sure such users cannot overlook it.

And yes, I know who you are. But you are only a single user, with very narrow-minded interests (interactive analysis) and peculiar tastes. Just because you prefer an objectively poorer design, for something that no other user ever complained about, doesn't mean I should jump up and accommodate all your desires.

It is extremely arrogant to think that not catering to your personal peculiar and often irrational tastes would make a GUI less user friendly, like you appointed yourself as the spokesperson of the entire user community, while in fact you consulted no one. That it apparently hurt your feelings that I do not want to follow your whims, so that you feel you must combat serious and motivated concerns about designs of other GUIs with attempted character assassination and WinBoard bashing is just low.
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