Chess Variant from early Soviet Union

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Chess Variant from early Soviet Union

Post by chrisw » Thu Jul 30, 2020 4:39 pm

Chess variant from Soviet Union (with reference source).

An interesting version of chess game from early Soviet Union (1920s). Classic chess-mate was redesigned as war between communists (Red figures) and fascists (Black figures).
Instead of King and Queen – Communists have two Leaders but they are equal and act similarly (like Queen). Fascists have two Dictators with the same functions. (marked 1 – in picture)
Rooks are called just ‘Communists’ (for communist part) and ‘Fascists’ (for fascist part). Marked 2 in the pic.
Knights are absent in the version but there are 4 Rooks.
Bishops are ‘Young Communist League’ for Communists and Cadets for Fascists. Marked 3 in the pic. There are 4 of them – on the first and second lines (instead of two pawns).
Pawns are called ‘Pioneers’ for Communists and ‘Boy-scouts’ for Fascists. Marked 4 in the pic. Unlike classic chess, they can move and capture to one square both diagonally and in front of other pieces. Reaching the last line a pawn becomes ‘Young Communist” or ‘Cadet’ respectively.
The end of the game – ‘killing’ the last figure of an enemy (not just king) – the last ‘pawn’ continues to fight even when there remained no other figures from its camp.


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