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Swiss Tournament

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:34 am
by Sergio Martinez

-Double Round Robin Tournament.

-First Engine will be champion and plays Individual WB-UCI Championship (more information later). Four first engines will play Teams WB-UCI championship and could be "B" teams (depending on teams number at the moment of start the tournament, I will explain all in a separate topic).


-All UCI/Winboard engines (commercial,free and private) by swiss authors I choose ( I dont use all freewares swiss engines, I will choose some of it only) + engines whose author want to play here.

-Authors interested in engines participate send me a pm here or to or

-Are allowed send engines until next sunday 3. If engine sent has bugs or dont works right here, I will use previous version stable. Buggy engines will be disqualified and all results deleted.

-Updates arent allowed during the tournament.

-All games will be uploaded when tournament finish.

-Deadline to send me engines: Next Sunday 2.

-Tournament will start Monday 3.

-Time Control 40/5 and repeat Ponder On. 1x each one
-Hash: 256mb. Endgames: Nalimov,Gaviota, Scorpio. 32mb
-Games available by email.


-AMD Bulldozer 8120 16gb RAM Windows 7 x64
-Arena GUI 3 // Winboard

Final Standings

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:03 pm
by Sergio Martinez

Code: Select all

                     Score     Fl Mu Ro Ci Ma
 1: Flux 2.2-ja     7.5 /  8   XX 1= 11 11 11
 2: Muse 0.899b     6.5 /  8   0= XX 11 11 11
 3: Roce 0.390      3.5 /  8   00 00 XX =1 11
 4: Cilian 4.14se   2.5 /  8   00 00 =0 XX 11
 5: Marquis 0.16    0.0 /  8   00 00 00 00 XX
20 games: +8 =2 -10

-Congrats to Phokham Nonava for the victory of Flux.

-Congrats to Martin Fierz, Roman Hartmann and Francois Scheurer, Muse, Roce and Cilian got places 2-4 and will play WB-UCI teams tournament.

-Flux is the champion and will plays Individual WB-UCI Championship (more information later). Four first engines (Flux,Muse,Roce and Cilian) will play Teams WB-UCI championship.

Special thanks to Jim Ablett for his compilations.

PGN link: ... nament.pgn