Was TCEC meant to be waiting for something?

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Re: Was TCEC meant to be waiting for something?

Post by whereagles » Thu May 28, 2015 11:01 am

Well, I am more interested in FRC than in normal chess 8-)

If FRC ever gets popular at the top level, there will be no turning back to "old-fashioned" chess. FRC is far richer than normal chess, since it has many more piece-organization patterns.

That said, I hope Martin can put up season 8, as I consider TCEC live broadcasts an improvement on my well-being :)

And please random openings... stage 2 of TCEC 7 was nice but rather repetitive ;)

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Re: Was TCEC meant to be waiting for something?

Post by mhull » Thu May 28, 2015 4:49 pm

gerold wrote:
S.Taylor wrote:
Dr.Wael Deeb wrote:
Modern Times wrote:For the TCEC final SF vs Komodo, FRC is perfect. Currently Martin and his helpers spend dozens of hours trying to select conventional chess openings, with the usual arguments about balance, length of the book etc. etc. For FRC just select random openings, play reversed sides, and it is job done. And with the engines playing from move 1, it is a perfect stress test for them.
Seemingly the only major advantages of this chess variation....

It's a variation of chess,not real chess at least the way I see it....
So how about a computer playing a game without an opening book?

Is that also a "variation" of chess?
I really would like to see all the games in matches like these played without books. I think the problem is there may be to many repeat openings without books. I use a very short book for my matches.
I really do enjoy FRC games.
The solution is to enable learning/book-learning. I have always opposed the cripple-ware tournaments that have unfortunately become the standard.

Doesn't anyone run a proper tournament? Only in live events where the programmers prevent the TD from dumbing-down their programs.
Matthew Hull

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