America vs Rest of the World. Edition I

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Sergio Martinez
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America vs Rest of the World. Edition I

Post by Sergio Martinez » Thu Nov 29, 2018 3:32 pm

As its name suggests, it is a team tournament between ten of America's engines and ten from the rest of the world.

The engines will be sorted according to the classification of the previous tournament and will play 10 games against the rival engine, for example the number 1 engine of America will play against the number 1 engine of the rest of the world, and so.

The participating engines will play a previous qualifying phase and the top ten of each of these tournaments (classification of America and classification of the rest of the world). The system of these two previous tournaments will be decided depending on the number of participants.


GUI : Arena (3.51) // Cutechess
Time control: Adapted to 40/40 CCRL (benchmark).
Ponder: off
Threads : 1
Default hash=256Mb
Endgame tablebases: Syzygy - Nalimov - Scorpio Bitbases - Gaviota. Hash set to 64Mb.
Resign is set to -5 for 3 consecutive moves where able.
Updates will not be allowed during each tournament phase (only when first phase ends and until second phase starts).
-Allowed all Winboard and UCI engines (free, private and commercial).
-The similarity tool will be used to determine whether or not an engine can participate (Engines allowed until 70% of moves match).
-Results will be rated only for engines already in the CCRL lists. (except for private engines)
-All engines will use the same opening book limited to an 8 move depth.
-Engine authors can either post their wish for their engine to participate or contact through email ( or private message. I will choose engines by myself too.[/b]

Rounds / System: not determinated yet

Deadline to send engines/versions: December 17

The qualification tournament will begin on December 18
Member of the CCRL Group. Write me if you want I test your engine.

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