SPCC: Testrun of Lc0 v0.20.1 N:32463 finished

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SPCC: Testrun of Lc0 v0.20.1 N:32463 finished

Post by pohl4711 » Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:54 am

Testrun of Lc0 v0.20.1 N:32463 finished. First testrun of Lc0 for my 3'+1'' mini-ratinglist. Because Lc0 needs the GPU, only 1 game can be played simultaneously. So, it is not possible to play 5000 games (I would need a month for this...) - so Lc0 played 1200 games (200 games vs. 6 top-engines). Leela-Ratio is 0.67.

Long thinking-time tournament updated, too. With a much better result of Lc0 v0.20.1 N:32463. Now world's number 2 (with long thinking-time and Drawkiller openings)!


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