SPCC: Testrun of Lc0 384x30-t40-1573 finished

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SPCC: Testrun of Lc0 384x30-t40-1573 finished

Post by pohl4711 » Sun Jan 05, 2020 12:31 pm

NN-testrun of Lc0 0.23.1 with 384x30-t40-1573 (S.Vieri) Net finished.

Important news: The bullet-NN-testing is discontinued... Check out the excellent new bullet-ratinglist of Andreas Strangmueller instead:
I decided to discontinue my bullet-NN-testing, because Andreas has a faster hardware and does nearly the same testing, as I did. So, for me, it makes no sense, to continue my testings. Because my hardware is slower (notebooks), it makes much more sense to continue my NN-testings with longer thinking-time. Checkout the new "NN longtime testing"- section of my website...
The "Lc0 / NN testing"- section (bullet NN-testings) will stay online for 1-2 months and then, I will delete it... So, if you want to download the played games, do it right now!


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