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The best of the best: CFish_x64_050920_E_AVX2-Ryzen

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 7:48 pm
by Sylwy
As I promised.
-Hash=256 MB
-GUI: Arena 3.5.1
-Book: IM_4mvs.abk (8 plies book) for both engines
-default settings for both engines
-1 thread-CPU=Intel i5-7400-3GHz (Kaby Lake)
-6-men Syzygy bases for both engines.

+173 Elo points (73% with Stockfish 11) !!!



The strongest chess entity ever on my PC ! Thank you Stockfish team, YaneuraOu team, Ronald de Man and ChessMan (for superb compiles) !
Download link: