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SPCC: "SuFi for the poor"- testrun finished

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2020 9:29 am
by pohl4711
NN-longtime testrun of Stockfish 200928 vs Lc0 0.26.3rc2 J92-190 finished: Same engines as TCEC SuperFinal Season 19, which is running right now (except rc2 instead of rc1 (a bugfix, only)), Lc0 running with brand new (and faster) CUDA 11.1 build. Using non-drawish J.Noomen openings of earlier SuperFinals. 300 games. Thinking-time: Lc0 5'+3'' and Stockfish 7.5'+4.5'' (means a Leela-Ratio of 1.0). Average game-duration: 20 minutes.
A "SuFi for the poor"...

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