My test for SlowChess Blitz 2.5 x64-AVX2

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My test for SlowChess Blitz 2.5 x64-AVX2

Post by Sylwy » Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:21 pm


Test conditions:
-Hash=256 MB
-GUI: Arena 3.5.1
-Book: Perfect_2010.abk (for Komodo 14 x64) and own (for SlowChess Blitz 2.5 x64-AVX2)
-default settings for both engines
-1 thread-CPU=Intel i5-7400-3GHz (Kaby Lake)
-TBS: 6-men Syzygy bases for both engines + EndgameBitbases.sbb+NeuralNets.snn for SlowChess Blitz 2.5 x64-AVX2
-OS: Windows 10 Home.



Komodo 14 x64 has 3443 Elo points (CCRL Blitz).
Expected rating for SlowChess Blitz 2.5 x64-AVX2 is around 3408 Elo points. Around +20 Elo points (in my single match test).
SlowChess Blitz 2.4 x64 has 3389 points (CCRL Blitz).

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Re: My test for SlowChess Blitz 2.5 x64-AVX2

Post by jonkr » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:47 pm

Thanks for testing, I didn't realize Slow was getting even that close to Komodo 14... if there is next version then maybe will be fully competitive.

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