Is there an interface that support take back rules?

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Uri Blass
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Is there an interface that support take back rules?

Post by Uri Blass » Sun Feb 14, 2021 8:05 pm

The idea is that you tell the interface not only time control but that one side is allowed to take back moves and try different moves.
For example you can decide to do a game between 2 players when white is allowed to take back moves during the game 1000 times and black is not allowed to take back moves.

my idea is that take back is considered as a move from the point of view of the clock
so for example if you play 20+5 time control every take back give you and your opponent 5 seconds on the clock.

I wonder how many elo points chess engines can get if they are allowed to take back moves
Maybe chess is too simple and we are going to get too many draws with top engines even with allowing taking back moves but the idea can be used not only for chess but also for more complex games when engines are not close to be perfect in them.

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