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Re: Writing a chess program

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2007 5:02 pm
by Uri Blass
diep wrote: Diep for sure isn't world's worst program. I'd argue it's eval is the best a program has on this planet.
I agree that diep is not world's worst program.
I think that claiming that the eval is best is meaningless unless you say something about the speed of the evaluation so the evaluation cannot be as slow as you want.

If you have no limit of speed of evaluation then it is easy to write a better evaluation.

You can also easily improve your evaluation.
define diep10 evaluation as a function that gets a chess position and search to depth of 10 plies.

You have a function that returns a number for every chess position.
This function can be considered as evaluation of diep and is significantly better than diep's original evaluation.