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Re: Pro Deo 1.5

Post by Tony » Thu Jun 07, 2007 9:21 pm

ed wrote:
Tony wrote:Hi Ed,

yes I'm interested in your formula to create a score from the winning percentage, play amount (maybe elo).

OK, will update the source soon.

When you used the big eoc tree, did you try combining it with a 10 ply search (including search score offset by above formula) ?

I don't understand the question. What I do is this: for each root move I call the EOC database once, calculate the bonus/penalty and store the result in a table. Each new iteration this score is added to "incremental score" of the root move.

Not sure if I express myself clearly now.



Yes, this seems to be what I meant.

Too bad, I hoped the combination of a general percentage score and an own search would work nice.


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