Syzygy EGTB's via Torrent Thread

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Re: Syzygy EGTB's via Torrent Thread

Post by FBX » Tue Dec 03, 2013 8:17 pm

ouachita wrote:Has anyone seen any performance differences between accessing these EGTB files on SSD v. External drive?
I would assume there has to be some speed improvement seeing as how SSD access is always faster than moving parts.

BTW, I had to chuckle at your sig. Looks like you're just about to get that ICCF IM title very soon, in which case we'll both be awarded our medals next year at Sydney Australia.

Also you probably shouldn't use "ouachita" as a user name any more. Many people still remember it from when you got banned on for cheating your way to #1 rank.
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Re: Syzygy EGTB's via Torrent Thread

Post by ouachita » Tue Dec 03, 2013 9:17 pm

I asked all of my opponents at at the outset of each game whether or not they were using or would use an engine. If they didn't, I didn't; if they did, I did. I ascribe my ascension to #1 at as being more attributable to my own chess playing skills. That site had/has many dozens of players using engines while denying same.

Whether playing with or without engines, you haven't made it to #1 anywhere, have you? LOL

If it's Ok with you, I'll keep ouachita here and elsewhere.

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