Limiting nodes to reduce engine strength

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Re: Limiting nodes to reduce engine strength

Post by bob » Wed Dec 04, 2019 4:14 am

Crafty has played >10,000 games against GMs on ICC. But that is just one data point. It also needs players on the middle and lower end of the Elo range, and that is hard to find AND validate since lots of weaker players use computers to assist them.

I have something that seems to work where the Elo command will use a number like X to produce a rating Y. If you use X-200, then it pretty well produces a rating of Y-200. The only remaining issue is to quantify Y. IE if I use "elo 2800" will it produce an Elo of 2800 in real games, or will it produce something else (say 2600 or 3000)? But at least it is working and will be formally released pretty soon.

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