Virtual Sample Game of Real Chess Shatranj

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Re: Virtual Sample Game of Real Chess Shatranj

Post by satyendrainbhopal » Mon Jan 13, 2020 5:16 am

Ovyron wrote:
Sun Jan 12, 2020 3:37 pm
Oh, right, the file you provided contains individual images that can be uploaded so people can take a look at the game without having to download .
One more thing...

I have not disclosed Kings special rules in doc and also about some four corners which are Naglog (no mans land).. These are currently kept intentionally out of scope to avoid complexities....

Till the time..go through these moves...

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Re: Virtual Sample Game of Real Chess Shatranj

Post by Ovyron » Fri Jan 24, 2020 4:12 am

Just because right now there doesn't seem to be someone that is able to understand or has enough interest to implement the rules doesn't mean that there will never be someone in the future that does. But it's important to know the full ruleset before starting an implementation, because some early design decision might not work in the full ruleset.

I urge you to release the special King rules and any other rules that remain undisclosed, because the worse thing would be to end with some incomplete game.

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