Engines for testing (Linux, fast time control)

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Re: Engines for testing (Linux, fast time control)

Post by MikeB » Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:15 pm

jdart wrote:I have been using a few engines in the ballpark of Arasan in terms of rating, for testing my engine.

Periodically I revise the list as Arasan gets stronger, and as new engines appear.

I am only interested in Linux, because I moved most of my development to that years ago. I have only one Windows machine.

Also, I can only use engines that are stable at fast time controls, in particular ones that don't crash or hang, and don't lose on time.

It is getting so that is a fairly short list.

Ones I currently use include:

- Texel
- Stockfish (I use 2.2 but all the versions I have tried behave ok)
- Senpai (2.0, have used 1.0 previously)
- Crafty 25.2

I have previously used Toga 3 and Fruit 2.3.1, but those are a bit too weak for me now: they were nice and stable though.

Ones I have tried recently include:

- Pedone - loses on time pretty often. I reported this to the author but it has not been fixed.
- Laser - really didn't work on Linux, games terminate early under cutechess
- Nemorino - v 3 source release didn't compile, dev version does compile but looks like it tries to allocate >1 thread even when Threads option set to 1. Then it dies with a bunch of memory errors.
- Komodo 3 - this works
- Andscacs 0912 - distributed Linux binary does not work on my system. Also doesn't seem to compile on Linux with supplied Makefile.

All these were tested at 0:10+0.1 time control, single threaded, with cutechess-cli.

Andscacs should be an excellent opponent for Arasan

https://www.dropbox.com/s/8dgxi4mgvpr28 ... l.zip?dl=1

This has a custom makefile used for macOS ( unix based) - only tested under clang-v5.0

simply type "make cpro" at the command line - will compile a pgo version - you can comment or uncomment the bmi2 flags if you wish.

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Re: Engines for testing (Linux, fast time control)

Post by jdart » Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:30 am

It still doesn't work with g++. I am sure I can fix it but I have limited patience with this stuff.

Recent clang versions are ridiculously hard to install on Linux. They have not bothered to get a proper install into the repositories, with the necessary dependencies.


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Re: Engines for testing (Linux, fast time control)

Post by AndrewGrant » Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:07 am

Ethereal may be too far below your engine, but I've never seen Ethereal lose on time on linux. Although the lowest TC I've played is 1+.01s

Maybe give me a few months? :)

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Re: Engines for testing (Linux, fast time control)

Post by Dann Corbit » Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:13 am

Besides those you mentioned, I have built these on Ubuntu:
Asmfish (you can get pre-built ones or build your own)

For professional engines, Shredder is nice on Linux

All of the above scale nicely with cores
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