Off topic: problems attaching files

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Gabor Szots
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Off topic: problems attaching files

Post by Gabor Szots » Sun Mar 15, 2020 9:26 am

I have tried to attach pictures and other files here (via 'Attachments') but was denied because I have allegedly reached my attachment quota. However, I have never attached anything and in my user profile I can see no attachments to delete.
So, how are you doing it?

If you think I need to write to Sam what is his address?

Your help in this matter would be appreciated.
Gabor Szots
CCRL testing group

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Eelco de Groot
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Re: Off topic: problems attaching files

Post by Eelco de Groot » Sun Mar 15, 2020 10:32 am

Since a few months this forum does not accept attachments anymore. It could be a problem of settings, but probably the administrator would say keeping the database of messages intact has a higher prioprity and total storage is limited by the finances set aside to this forum by sponsor ChessUSA. But you could always ask Sam if he knows something factual.

There is no storage problem for things that have an outside link, so if you have an address to a CCRL pgn file for instance, you can just give the link in your message, or for images with a http(s): link you can look at how to neatly fit them in your message.
Images can be stored on Google drive for instance and then you can use a link to that.
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