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logpath=\RECYCLER [Re: files]

Post by abb » Sun Apr 08, 2007 5:13 pm

cooldalek (which is redundant, as all daleks are cool) wrote:I am gettting huge numbers of game.00x and log.00x files in my winboard folder. My crafty rc file (win xp op system) is ... (snip)
My (admittedly inelegant/lazy) workaround for this was to redirect all that stuff to the Recycle Bin, via Crafty's logpath command line parameter. Eg:

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crafty tbpath=TB\3-4-5\;TB\tbs logpath=\RECYCLER 
...calls Crafty, sets my tablebase directories up, and shunts all the game.00x and log.00x files over to the Recycle Bin*, where (ostensibly) they're automagically deleted someday. All other options are handled by my crafty.rc file, which is identical to this one.
    • *In Linux, you'd just set logpath=/dev/null, but I can't remember how to access the Win32 bit bucket. :(
Murder, she wrote:...pentium 2.4ghz (single CPU - 32 bit) with 1 gig of ram

When Winboarding, variations on the following batch file work fine on my (comparable) system:

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@REM  CraftyVsGnu5.bat
@echo Warning, Microsoft Windows contains products determined by the State
@echo of California to promote cancer, tooth decay, abnormal stress, 
@echo and a variety of STDs.  Use rarely and at your own risk.

start winboard_x.exe -cp -fcp='crafty-21.5-win32.exe tbpath=TB\3-4-5\;TB\tbs logpath=\RECYCLER' -fd='Engines\Crafty215' -scp='GNUChes5 xboard' -sd='Engines\GNU507'

Hope some/any of that helps.

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