Bloomberg: Cheating at Chess and Other Pastimes

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Sean Evans
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Bloomberg: Cheating at Chess and Other Pastimes

Post by Sean Evans » Fri Dec 20, 2013 12:51 pm

A decent article that is well linked to support the authors assertions.

Cheating at Chess and Other Pastimes

Modern Times
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Re: Bloomberg: Cheating at Chess and Other Pastimes

Post by Modern Times » Fri Dec 20, 2013 1:10 pm

A balanced article.

I agree totally with this bit, and it has been my view on it all along. should never rely on statistical evidence alone to conclude that a player has cheated..... the conclusion that a player has cheated should rest on a combination of statistical and observational evidence.

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Re: Bloomberg: Cheating at Chess and Other Pastimes

Post by IGarcia » Fri Dec 20, 2013 2:42 pm

Sean Evans wrote:A decent article that is well linked to support the authors assertions.

Cheating at Chess and Other Pastimes wrote: “Ivanov was expelled from the tournament after round 6. His opponent of that round, Guliyev, had asked the arbiter to search Ivanov, and indeed they took the alleged cheater apart. Ivanov was forced to remove his clothes. Two participants of the tournament (who wanted to stay anonymous) told ChessVibes that an electronic device was found, and the arbiters gave him the choice of playing on but showing them the device, or leaving the tournament. Ivanov decided to leave the tournament and to the surprise of the participants, his 40 Euro entry fee was returned, and Ivanov even received an extra 50 Euros for ‘compensation.’”
Ivanov refused to undress after asked take out his shoes for inspection so he had to leave the tournament.

Are this thing true?
As I understand he never acceded to undress (and it is legal to ask this?)
The article mention "an electronic device found"?
Two anonymous participants supporting this?
The cheater gets compensated?

That article cited the source but not quote the part where he denny all that.
Ivanov, very probably is a cheater, but it has to be proved. His denial to undress is probably an indirect proof about cheating. ... ing-banned

Code: Select all

ChessVibes tried to speak to Ivanov and contacted him via Facebook. He didn't want to speak on the phone; his reaction below came via Facebook chat. There seems no reason to believe we were dealing with an imposter.

Ivanov first asked "Are you a journalist?" and then started telling his story (grammar and spelling corrected by us). Apparently he was searched already after round 4:

    OK, I played the tournament Naval Moral de la Mata. After the fourth round the organizer asked to take off my shoes. I said OK. Before the sixth round they asked to take off all clothes. I asked why. They said because my opponent [asked]. So I took off my cloak but the organizers continued to push to take off my shirt and jeans. I said: "this is a chess tournament, not a striptease bar". My opponent told me that those are the rules of FIDE. I didn't know that the rules of FIDE require you to strip naked before the game. It is humiliating.

And then? They removed you from the tournament?

    Yes. They gave me back the fee and gave me 50 euros for compensation. I could not defend myself.

I have to ask this question: how do you explain that your moves are very much the same as Houdini?

    Watch my games carefully. This is not true.

It is said that a device with wires was found on your body and that is why they removed you from the tournament. Is this true? What was the device for?


Different people are saying you had electronics on your chest?

    And how does it look?

I don't know, I was not there. That's why I ask you. You say it's not true?

    These people are lying. Why did the organizer give back the fee of € 40 and gave me 50 euros compensation? Why not call to police?

So you say you did not have any electronics with you?

    Of course. The organizer was just looking for a reason to evict me because my opponents subjected him under pressure.

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